level of trekking, intensity and the risk is very small, comfort is the most important thing. If you take into account the long, 51, 11 holidays each year, have the intention for a long hike through, hundreds of kilometers in length, weight 20 kg, route terrain is diverse, choose Help magnitude in a pair of hiking shoes, taking into account the complexity and weight of the route, the shoes can help in more appropriate protection for ankle parts  air jordan 6 retro uk . If you are already an "old outdoor" itch in my heart a month does not go out for a walk, and pack everything what sleeping bag mat, mat coffee pots are all back, where walk hard where, so congratulations, heavyweight hiking boots is your best choice. 2,How to choose: # observe each part of the shoe: whether there is a sticky spill, break, especially the soles and uppers-binding site, but it should be carefully observed. # Personally buying:

shoes do not mail order or ask for purchasing, must own to try out a few more pairs to find the most suited to their style. # Try to go at night to buy: evening time, foot would be better than the rest of the day was slightly swollen, when to buy, buy the shoes would be more suitable for them. Like to try # both of these: even a man's feet, are slightly different in size. # Move the toes: in the wake of lace, moving a toe, suitable shoes, your toes should be loose and not top to the front end of the shoe, if the toe in the front part of the shoe, will make air jordan 4 retro uk you very sick when going downhill. # Put the shoes on a section of road: put on your shoes on for about five minutes in the store, make sure your shoes are the ones with the feet more closely combined, feel comfortable. # An important principle: carry more heavy, more complex terrain, choose more heavy the shoes themselves

should be, so that when you walk no Yi Wai feet. 3,How to care for: # cleaning: regular cleaning is important for lightweight trail running shoes according to the normal sneaker cleaning method; for waterproof performance of Middleweight and heavyweight hiking shoes, you can start with a dry old toothbrush to gently brush away dirt and dust on the upper, and then rinse off the residue of dirt on the upper. # Waterproofing agent coating: cleaning shoes in the process, it is inevitable to avoid damage to the upper waterproof performance, then the remedy is coating waterproofing agent. When Applying repellent, be sure to thoroughly clean the uppers, uppers coated it again, but at the seams more places should be painted over. # Keep shoes dry: when you rest, lace relaxed, taking the insoles, you can put in a dry place, if not an emergency, do not use fire roasted

introduction of new technology and new materials, makes hiking shoes for comfort and foot protection performance is greatly improved. But note that the middleweight trail running shoes are worn for the first time to completely fit in the process, you need to walk dozens of kilometres of roads to accommodate it. -Weight: heavyweight boundaries of trail running shoes and hiking boots have been very vague, can divide is only convenient, trekking shoes are manufactured comparatively softer soles are generally not for crampons  air jordan 3 retro uk location, but the weight is heavy, waterproof performance is essential, heavyweight hiking boots can be adapted to almost all kinds of complicated terrain conditions. But must be about a month before departure time or walk hundreds of kilometers to make the right fit between foot and shoe. Structure of the walking shoes: walking

shoes is composed of three parts: upper (Upper), inner bottom (Mid Sole) and outer (Out Sole)。 Upper: by uppers and within lining constitute, lightweight of hiking shoes, upper lower, more for leather and nylon of mixed body, light, and comfortable sex good; in the volume level and the weight level of hiking shoes upper for in the help or high help, more by full skin and the composite made, within lining or clip has waterproof material, air jordan 1 retro uk or surface by waterproof coating processing, waterproof performance excellent, and shoes tongue and shoes body even into one, even is stepped on water in also does not leaking. Insole: insole part is invisible from the outside, in fact, a pair of shoes for comfort, is mainly look at the end of the reasonable, good design can maximize the fit at the end of your foot type. End of unreasonable design, lead feet when walking in his shoes

dangling not only very uncomfortable and blister easily. Outside late: is we said of soles, put outside late metaphor into car tire again suitable but has, they common of features are is and ground directly contact, each manufacturers with design concept of different, outside late by used of pattern also not same, generally, more soft of outside late for terrain simple of status Xia hiking, more hard of outside late is for road uneven, stone more of road. At the back, we will specifically talk about one of the most common foot--Vibram shoe soles. How to choose the right pair of hiking shoes: 1, undetermined: according to the actual situation of the majority of backpackers, we make the following recommendations: If you just go out every weekend on foot, and at 20 km in length, weight 5Kg, the route is not difficult, it is recommended that selected lightweight hiking shoes, this
or sun exposure; in addition, shoes stuffed with old newspapers is also a very good way to dry. My usual approach is to bring a few bags "wangwang snow cake" in the desiccant, usually placed in moisture-proof bags and taken out again when used, very easy to use. 4, repair: in the United States and some European countries, if you're trail running shoes appears to be damaged, if there are quality problems can be replaced for free, of course, if your shoes are damaged due to reasons, as long as the upper fine, manufacturers usually can  nike flyknit lunar 2 womens provide you a free replacement soles, but replace the shoe business, domestic is not an agent or vendor can do it.In view of the domestic situation, we suggest buying walking shoes you choose the regular agent products, or whatever reasons causing the broken shoes, the consequences can only be borne by themselves, and even if the cobbler simple

 repair, their comfort and performance can be greatly reduced. Tips:Vibram: backpackers is the widely disseminated a statement shoe buyer end of v, v-bottom, referring, of course, is Vibram soles. In fact, Vibram soles are a variety and soles can be seen on the market are: Vibram Trail Run, and Vibram Ground Sensor and the Vibram Meindl Multigriff, Vibram Karisimbi Multigrip, Vibram Crack Montagna – abound. Here, Vibram Trail Run material is nike free run relatively soft, good traction, suitable for General outdoor hiking; Vibram soles Ground Sensor is hard, good resistance to abrasion, shock absorbing effect is also excellent; Vibram Crack Montagna is applicable to much tougher conditions, sole is very hard. This, in addition to the above model, Vibram the company constantly launches new soles made from the material, but the flag is used by a yellow Vibram (pictured). Let alone

 the consumer, is that it's hard to tell they agent shoes with agents which use vBottom, so depending on your uses to choose to buy outdoor shoes sole is the most suitable method applicable. Often see backpackers to Vibram slip-resistant performance in Iraq, and in fact, this problem needs a separate, as the saying goes: can't have your cake and eat it too. If you have soft soles, friction is natural, but inevitably in the durability and hardness suffered bumps in the terrain of us foot will feel that dug one foot will make you very sick. In addition, shoe size, depth and to skid resistance has much to do, not go into here. In General, the Vibram soles, performance is still very good. Basketball competitive, constantly jump starting, emergency stop, lateral movement, vertical jump movement around more. A pair of basketball shoes, must have very good durability, Flex